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The Sue Suters Ovarian Cancer Fund was founded in honor of the late Sue Suters who sadly lost her battle with ovarian cancer in 2010.

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007 she was determined to beat the disease at all costs and being a cancer battler became an everyday part of her life. Sue was enriched with the strength to do everything in her power not to let this setback manipulate the way she lived but it was her who was to decide her fate.

After her initial treatment in hospital to try and remove as much of the disease affected area, followed 4 months of dedication, patience and determination whilst undergoing chemotherapy. Following her initial set of chemotherapy treatments things were looking positive for Sue and she was finally able to return to her most loved hobby and shine on the fairways of Gosford golf club as she had before.

This positive run was short lived and 12 months later Sue found herself back in hospital re-diagnosed with secondary cancer fighting for her life once more. It was now that Sue was informed that the disease was terminal and her chances of ridding the disease fully from her body were unlikely. To some people this would be the breaking point in their determination to beat the disease but not Sue, this drove her to be more determined then ever before. “Ah, it’s just another 4 months of chemotherapy” Sue would say, flicking through a travel magazine planning her next trip to somewhere spectacular around the world. The next 4 months were a bit of an up and down ride for Sue, in and out of hospital with various complications related to her disease, but once again being the fighter she was, she pulled through with flying colors.

Following this period Sue became very passionate towards not only helping others, but also most importantly promoting awareness of ovarian cancer and the importance of early detection to improve the chance of survival. Sue was very knowledgeable of her condition and possessed an extraordinary ability to provide guidance and support to those also living this nightmare, regularly she would talk to people, share her experience with fellow cancer patients use her strength and determination to lift their spirits and would inspire all who had contact with her during this time.

Unfortunately 8 months later Sue was back in hospital for the third time struggling for her life searching for answers to find the desire to battle on through this painstaking ordeal, but it was her stubborn nature that kept her fighting and some how once again pulled through. For the next 12 months Sue battled on returning a life as normal as possible, only to find herself back in treatment for the 4th time. By this stage there was little that could be done and after such a long hard battle, sadly Sue lost her fight with cancer and passed away on the 31st of October 2010.

Sue was a person who would never portray her weaknesses to those around her but illustrate her strengths in many ways. During her 3 year battle she continued to amaze those around her with desire to succeed and overcome adversity in the face of enormous odds. People were astounded of her ability to maintain a regular working and physical life through such a tough time. To describe the person Sue was would be to portray an image of a truly inspirational human being.

It is our dream to provide not only those affected with ovarian cancer but their families with the proper care and support in order to limit stress and financial hardship.

It is our dream to provide assistance to all, so as to make their battle with the disease as easy as possible.


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